Why Hire An Attorney

The Problem

Driving Record

Your driving record is extremely important. If you are found to have committed a traffic infraction, the Court will almost certainly report the infraction to the Department of Licensing (DOL). The DOL will document these infractions on your driving record for at least three years. Insurance companies and employers will then be able to view these infractions.

Insurance Premiums

As you may already know, your insurance premiums are heavily reliant on your driving record. If you get a traffic ticket that is found committed, insurance companies may raise your rates for three years or longer. This increase in insurance premiums could cost your hundreds, if not thousands, over the long run.

Commercial drivers and those that drive for a living

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), keeping your driving record clean becomes even more important; your livelihood may very well depend on it! The DOL and employers closely monitor the driving record of CDL drivers. One too many infractions for a CDL driver may result in license suspension by the DOL or being fired by an employer.   Even if you do not have a CDL, but still drive for a living, your employer will likely monitor your driving record very closely.  

Young Drivers

The DOL is very strict with teenage drivers on an intermediate license. All it takes for the DOL to suspend an intermediate license is two committed traffic infractions.


Modern life is hectic and your time is constantly being torn by competing obligations. To properly fight a traffic infraction, you will need to dedicate your precious time to adequately familiarizing yourself with the pertinent traffic laws and rules. Once you have prepared your arguments, you will need to take time out of your day to sit and wait your turn in court. Although you have the absolute right to defend your own traffic ticket in court, for many, it simply may not be worth their time.


The Solution

Given all that is at stake – your driving record and inflated insurance premiums – it makes sense to hire an experienced traffic infraction attorney to protect your driving record and insurance rates.

Sternik Law is a firm that primarily works with traffic infraction cases. This focus allows Sternik Law to be at the forefront of this practice area. By having a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of traffic tickets, Sternik Law is able to quickly adapt to the ever changing laws and latest legal issues within the field.

Even if you are convinced there is nothing that can be done to fight your ticket, an experienced traffic infraction attorney can often find technical and procedural errors that can result in a dismissal or drastic reduction of your traffic infraction. Remember, it is not your burden to show that you did not commit the traffic offense, but rather, it is the prosecutor’s burden to show that you did.

Most traffic tickets can be handled for a low, flat fee of $200.

 The Process

The process is simple. Sternik Law, and you will receive a free initial consultation. If you feel comfortable with our conversation, you can hire Sternik Law to represent you right over the phone – no office visit is necessary.

Sternik Law charges a low, flat fee for defending your traffic infraction – most traffic tickets can be handled for $200.

Regardless of the work it takes to defend your ticket, you never pay more than the agreed flat fee. Our fees are some of the most competitive in the industry, and you will receive a quote upon your first consultation.

Once you hire Sternik Law to handle your case, there will be very little for you to do. Sternik Law will handle all aspects of your case, and in most situations, you will not need to appear in court.

Don’t let your traffic ticket take up any more of your time and energy. Call Sternik Law today for a free consultation.